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Clean Your Dryer Lint Filter and Save Money

by Product Specialist

Clean Your Dryer Lint Filter and Save Money

The lint filter in your dryer is easy to overlook. And that's too bad because cleaning it regularly can save you money and time.

The Benefits of a Clean Lint Filter
A clean filter helps you four ways. Here is a closer look.

Blocking Airflow
The fluffy residue from your clothes, called lint, collects in the filter. When it gets full, it blocks heated air. Since it can't flow freely, your clothes take longer to dry.

Using More Power
That's not all. Your dryer also has to use more power to dry your clothes. The harder it works, the more energy it uses up.

Both of these situations result in a higher energy bill.

Strain on the Motor
The extra power it takes and longer drying periods makes the appliance motor work harder. Your dryer motor is at risk of more repairs and a shorter lifespan. Eventually, that costs you money.

Fire Hazard
Lint collects in the filter, as well as around it and under it. All of this can become a fire hazard if your dryer overheats or malfunctions. That can really cost you money.

Keep It Clean!
Make sure you clean your filter before you do each load. It is a simple task. For most dryers, all you need to do is put your fingers in the filter and roll off the lint. Be sure to take it from under and around the filter too. If you use fabric-softener sheets, wipe one over the filter to collect the lint.

Lint filters are located in various spots, depending on the model. Usually they are easy to spot. Manufacturers put them in prominent locations to encourage you to keep them clean. Check your owner's manual for the precise location and any manufacturer's recommendations for lint cleaning.